At least 430,000 migrants have taken rickety boats across the Mediterranean to Europe

A Syrian refugee and a baby are wrapped with thermal blankets moments after arriving on an overcrowded dinghy on the Greek island of Lesbos after crossing a part of the Aegean Sea from the Turkish coast. A record number of at least 430,000 refugees and migrants have taken rickety boats across the Mediterranean to Europe this year, 309,000 via Greece, according to International Organization for Migration figures.

President Barack Obama extends his hand to Russian President Vladimir Putin

President Barack Obama extends his hand to Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

A man carries a wounded child following a government air strike in Aleppo

A man carries a wounded child following a government air strike on the rebel held Al-Maghair district of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. Western Aleppo is controlled by regime forces while rebels are in the east of the city.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona (most of it, along with Rainbow Bridge, is in Utah). It is a major vacation spot that around 2 million people visit every year. It is the second largest man-made reservoir by maximum water capacity in the United States behind Lake Mead, storing 24,322,000 acre feet (3.0001×1010 m3) of water when full. Due to high water withdrawals for human and agricultural consumption, and because of subsequent droughts in the area, Lake Powell is currently the largest reservoir in the United States in terms of capacity of water currently held, depth and surface area. Lake Powell was created by the flooding of Glen Canyon by the Glen Canyon Dam, which also led to the creation of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, a popular summer destination. The reservoir is named for explorer John Wesley Powell, a one-armed American Civil War veteran who explored the river via three wooden boats in 1869.
In 1972, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area was established. It is public land managed by the National Park Service, and available to the public for recreational purposes. It lies in parts of Garfield, Kane, and San Juan counties in southern Utah, and Coconino County in northern Arizona. The northern limits of the lake extend at least as far as the Hite Crossing Bridge. A map centered at the confluence of the Escalante River 37°17′22″N 110°52′20″W with the Colorado River gives a good view of the extent of the lake.
Lake Powell is a water storage facility for the Upper Basin states of the Colorado River Compact (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico). The Compact specifies that the Upper Basin states are to provide a minimum annual flow of 7,500,000 acre feet (9.3 km3) to the Lower Basin states (Arizona, Nevada, and California).
Glen Canyon Dam, the dam that keeps Lake Powell the way it is today. (location: Lake Powell’s Arizona part)
Rainbow Bridge, one of the world’s largest natural bridges. (location: Lake Powell’s Utah part)
Hite Crossing Bridge, the only bridge spanning Lake Powell. Although the bridge informally marks the upstream limit of the lake, when the lake is at its normal high water elevation, backwater can stretch up to 30 miles (48 km) upstream into Cataract Canyon
Popular culture[edit]
Lake Powell has been a shooting location for 45 television series and films,[6] including:
Gravity (2013)
John Carter (2012)
Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut and The Wedding of River Song (2011)
Evolution (2001)
Planet of the Apes (both 1968 and 2001 versions)
Maverick (1994)
Walking with Monsters, the BBC prequel to Walking with dinosaurs as a stand-in for inland Devonian
The lake’s main body stretches up Glen Canyon, but has also filled many (over 90) side canyons. The lake also stretches up the Escalante River and San Juan River where they merge into the main Colorado River. This provides access to many natural geographic points of interest as well as some remnants of the Anasazi culture.
Rainbow Bridge National Monument
Defiance House ruin (Anasazi)
Cathedral in the Desert
San Juan goosenecks
Kaiparowits Plateau
Hole-in-the-Rock crossing
the Rincon
Three-Roof Ruin
Padre Bay
Waterpocket Fold
Antelope Island lies mostly in Arizona just north of Page in the southwest part of Lake Powell.

Migrant Crisis – Yasmine, a 6-year-old migrant from Deir Al Zour in war-torn Syria

Yasmine, a 6-year-old migrant from Deir Al Zour in war-torn Syria, cries at the beach after arriving on the Greek island of Lesbos. Yasmine says that the men who brought her family across the narrow sea between Bodrum in Turkey and this Greek tourist island threw away the dress her grandmother gave her. The crossing from Turkey and the eventual trip to Athens is only the beginning for Yasmine and other families. Ahead lies a trek north through Greece, up via Macedonia and Serbia to Hungary and on to Austria, Germany and more industrialized countries.
A migrant holds his child on the Serbian side of the fence in Asotthalom, Hungary. Hundreds of migrants spent the night in the open on Serbia’s northern border with Hungary, their passage to western Europe stalled by a Hungarian crackdown to confront the continent’s worst refugee crisis in two decades. 

Sufferings of Migrant Children

 A migrant lifts a child to let it peek on the other side of a barrier at the border with Hungary near the village of Horgos, Serbia. Hungary’s right-wing government shut the main land route for migrants into the European Union on Tuesday, taking matters into its own hands to halt Europe’s influx of refugees. 
 A Croatian policeman holds a crying baby as he stands among migrants waiting to board a bus in Tovarnik, Croatia. Croatia said on Thursday it could not take in any more migrants, amid chaotic scenes of riot police trying to control thousands who have streamed into the European Union country from Serbia. 
Two Hungarian riot policemen escort a migrant woman and her child in Roszke, Hungary. Serbia   condemned Hungary’s use of water cannon and tear gas against migrants on their border, saying Hungary had “no right” to do so, the Serbian state news agency Tanjug reported.

An injured migrant carries a child in Roszke, Hungary

An injured migrant carries a child during clashes with Hungarian riot police at the border crossing with Serbia in Roszke, Hungary. Hungarian police fired tear gas and water cannon at protesting migrants demanding they be allowed to enter from Serbia on the second day of a border crackdown. 

British Prime Minister David Cameron meets Syrian refugee

British Prime Minister David Cameron meets Syrian refugee families at a settlement camp in the Bekaa Valley on the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Novak Djokovic of Serbia holds up the U.S. Open trophy

Novak Djokovic of Serbia holds up the U.S. Open trophy after defeating Roger Federer of Switzerland in their men’s singles final match at the U.S. Open Championships tennis tournament in New York.