Southern California orders 82,000 people to evacuate over wildfire

 An estimated 34,500 homes are affected by the evacuation warnings which affect Cajon Pass, Lytle Creek, Wrightwood, Oak Hills and surrounding areas. Seven hundred firefighters have been sent to the area. Earlier in the day, six firefighters were trapped by the wildfire, but were able to find shelter at a nearby structure, according to San Bernardino County Fire. Two of them suffered minor injuries, but were later released and returned to the fire line.
The fire quickly scorched up the dry hills as winds carried the embers. It fed on the thick, parched brush, and engulfed an unknown number of homes and structures, according to fire officials. One resident told CNN affiliate, KABC that she was there when the flames were all around. “We had to keep the windows up because we couldn’t breathe. The smoke was so thick, and as soon as the smoke cleared, we could see that everything was gone,” Crystal Armstrong, who lost her home in the fire, said. Firefighters implored residents to evacuate, saying that refusing to do so puts their lives and other people’s lives at risk. Aerial views showed the mountains covered in plumes of smoke.

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