Civilians caught in Mosul crossfire

Thousands of Mosul residents flee the raging battle, often under fire from Islamic State militants, as Iraqi forces fight to retake the city.

Brutal street battle for Mosul

Terrified civilians flee fighting, often under Islamic State militant fire, as Iraqi forces battle their way within range of the city’s government…Baghdad’s forces have overwhelming firepower and numbers in Mosul, but the Islamic State group has a vast city in which to launch ambushes, plant bombs and try to make the battle as slow and costly as possible. More than two months into the operation to retake the city, Iraqi forces have recaptured a large chunk of east Mosul, but IS still holds parts of it as well as all of its western side. In southeastern Mosul, a small explosion sounds behind the front line, sending a member of Iraq’s elite Rapid Response Division falling to the mud-covered ground, his legs wounded by shrapnel. Security forces members train assault rifles and machine guns skyward, unleashing a barrage of fire at the small white drone that apparently dropped the explosive device.

Escape from Islamic State in Iraq

 People escape from a village in Iraq along a route where Islamic State snipers three days earlier had shot dead a couple seeking freedom from their rule.









Iraq : Thousands displaced as battle for Mosul rages on

Over 10,000 Iraqi residents have been displaced so far in the offensive to retake Mosul.

Islamic State escape tunnels

Iraqi counter-terrorism forces discover tunnels used by Islamic State as escape routes in Bazwaia outside Mosul.